how to make homemade toys for kids

homemade baby toys

Funny mouse-homemade baby toys.

Very interesting video – take a look!
It is shown how to sew this adorable toy for a kids. The toy is made of one piece of fabric. Amazingly simple and beautiful!


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Wooden Toys
for kids, kids toys
January 30, 2015

Wooden Toys

We want to present charming wooden handmade toys. Each wooden toy is unique. These toys have smelled wood! They are alive, warm and kind! Enjoy and be inspired.

Pine Cone Small Animal Toys
for kids, kids toys
September 15, 2014

Pine Cone Small Animal Toys

Different small animals can be made using pine cones. For example, add a few spruce needles and you get a cute hedgehog. For the work we need: pine cones, acorns, peas.   How to do? Use clay or salt dough

Juggling balls
for kids, kids toys
December 22, 2013

Catch, catch! Juggling balls

 Fresh air plus physical activity can quickly regain strength and cheer up. Maybe you’re thinking about fast walking, jumping rope, or yoga! Yes, it is well! But you can try juggling using colorful balls. Juggling perfectly calms develops both hemispheres

developmental toys for baby
for baby, for kids
May 8, 2013

Soft developmental toys

Soft toys of bright and colorful colors cannot fail to raise a kids smile. Well, if you sew them with your hands, then it can become a favorite toy for many years. Toys can also be making to develop. In