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I suggest to see a master class on how easily you can make a fun toy clown.




thread and needle






Cut out circles of colored felt. They should be about 60 pieces with a diameter of 1-1.5 inches, we do the torso, arms and legs. Make the head, hands and feet from the white felt. Make a circle of diameter 2-2.5 inches for the head. A circle will be a diameter of 2 inches for the feet and hands.
If you do not want to bother with these details, in this case, you can use a foam ball ready and large wooden beads for the rest of the body.


Fills the head, hands and feet with cotton batting. Stitches on the edge of the circle and the contractible yarn. The balls were obtained, which will be  hands and heads.


Now it’s time to make the legs and body. To do this you must prepare two threads of length of 16 inches each. Strung  the ball and 14 circles on a thread for each of the legs.


Now you need to connect the threads and  stringing 13 circles to create a body.


When the body is ready, dissociate the threads and make your hands. On every hand took 10 parts.


Fold the collar piece, right sides facing and sew the short edges together, to form a little band. Attach the collar.


Properly fasten the parts that they do not come off.


Fold the hat piece and sew along the straight edge. Place the hat on the head so that it covers the messy gathered opening of the head.
Using embroidery floss, sew running stitches to attach the hat to the head.


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