storage baskets

how to decorate baskets

Wicker basket – an integral part of interior cozy kitchen. You can make a wonderful storage baskets for fruit and vegetables.

The first basket.


Degrease the basket with alcohol. Paint the basket of white acrylic paint. This paint is not toxic and safe for health.


Glue on the white background picture torn out of a napkin.


Fix the first piece of the picture, after the glue is thoroughly impregnate cloth.


And so the circle on all sides by the basket.


Now you can cover the rest of the surface  of the paint.


Paint inside the basket.


The second basket.

Apply a white background and also glue the fragment of tissue. Cut out the pattern along the contour of the scissors.


Attach one image on each side of the basket. Paint the basket with bituminous varnish. Cart is not necessary to paint the inside. Degrease with alcohol inside.


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