How to decorate the old tray

How to decorate the old tray
How to decorate the old tray

If you have an old tray with erased drawing, then it can be given a new life it.

Take an old tray and remove the old paint and varnish.

This is easily accomplished conventional pumice. It is important that the tray has a smooth surface.

After removing paint and varnish, you need to degrease tray surface. To do this, carefully wipe the surface with acetone.

Buy a spray paint. Spread the paper or oilcloth and put tray. Paper is needed so that you can paint over the tray as it should, not for fear of spoiling the table or floor with paint.

Evenly apply the paint to the tray surface.

Then you must to make a paper stencil.

Glue the colored stripes on the outer side of the tray.

When glue is dry, you can cut off the excess length of the paper strips, and cover with transparent varnish.

Undoubtedly, such a tray can decorate any kitchen.


How to decorate the old tray

How to decorate the old tray

How to decorate the old tray

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