DIY headboard

how to decorate your bed
how to decorate your bed

We will learn how to make a decorative headboard. The DIY headboard advantage  is that you are free to choose the size and shape of the components (squares, stripes, diagonal), as well as the fabric color and pattern.

For its production, we need:


Cut up a fabric and chipboard. Please note that the fabric squares size must to be more chipboard squares size on 2 inches on each side.


how to decorate your bed

Fasten the fabric squares on one side with the  stapler.   Fill a squares synthetic padding. Fasten the squares on all sides with a stapler.


how to decorate your bed

Attach the squares to the common substrate (which may be the same chipboard) with glue.


how to decorate your bed

how to decorate your bed

how to decorate your bed

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