how to decoupage

how to decoupage
How to Decoupage Paper Napkins to jars

Learning to decoupage is a simple process that can be very rewarding. You can decoupage just about any type of paper to almost any type of surface.

We need:

– plastic jars;
– Napkins with floral patterns;
– Glue for decoupage;
– Flat brush;
– Paint brush;
– White acrylic paint (for background) + color paint.

Decoupage napkins are best applied to a white surface, so if you have a color elements, just paint white acrylic paint.


how to decoupage

Apply glue to the surface  jar.  Smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. Start at the center of the paper napkin and, using your fingertips, brush the wrinkles to the side. You must be very gentle as the paper napkin can easily rip.

Dip your paint brush into the decoupage medium and apply directly to the paper napkin. Use soft strokes, so that you do not tear the napkin.
Allow the napkin to dry.


How to Decoupage

Draw petals.


How to Decoupage

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