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wind sock
How to Make a July 4th wind sock

The Fourth of July is a fun time for kids and adults alike, complete with ice cream, cookouts, flags and fireworks. Help your kids get into the patriotic spirit by teaching them how to do  fun Fourth of July crafts. For parents, this is an opportunity to get the kids’ creativity flowing and do some fun crafts to embrace the patriotic feel.

Eva Sowinski, Mahalo’s personal arts and crafts teacher, guides you through the steps of making some fun and easy arts and crafts.

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Awesome DIY Balloons Decorations
for kids, kids rooms
Posted May 26, 2015

Awesome DIY Balloons Decorations

Balloons can be a very beautiful holiday decoration. You can wrap the balloons in the fabric, such as tulle. It looks unusual and incredibly gentle. The fabric can be a contrasting color or color as balloons.

Hand and Foot print art
for kids, kids toys
Posted May 15, 2015

Hand and Foot print art

  Do you love to decorate the kids albums with small hand and foot print? If the first traces of the feet and palms cause tenderness, then you can decorate the subsequent hand and foot prints using the associative thinking.

Happy Birthday Postcard
for kids, kids toys
Posted April 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Postcard: Balloons

To create a card, we need: Colored paper; Cardboard Scissors; Scotch; Glue; Threads.   Take the cardboard and fold it in half. Cut out of colored paper balls of different diameter (4.7 cm.) Cut a small triangle. Sticking to their

DIY: pencil cup
back to school, Seasonal
Posted March 25, 2015

DIY: pencil cup

You with your children can make an interesting pencil cup in the form of a corn. We need: – Cylinder made of cardboard from paper towels or iron bank (wrap with paper) – Peas (halves) – Green crepe paper –