decorative pillows

how to make a pillowcase without sewing

Do you want to change your pillowcase on the pillow, but do not want to sew? No problem! All you need is a piece of cloth and a little practice.

Step 1.  You need a piece of fabric 3 times as wide and twice as tall as the pillow.
Cut the fabric the desired size. In order for a thread on the edges is not spreading, it is better to use pinking shears with serrated edges.
Step 2. Put a pillow in the center of tissue, bend the fabric edges above and below the center of the pillow.



Step 3. Fold both ends like the picture. Bring one side over the top of the pillow.
Then the other side.


Step 4. Fold edges to the center of the pillow.


Step 5. Ties the ends of the square knot.


The advantage of this method is that the pillow looks good on both sides.


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