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How to make scented sachet bags

Making the sachet bags is not too difficult if you have basic sewing skills.


In order to make their own scented sachet bag you will need three pieces of any fine fabric. We have chosen the most conventional fabric of very beautiful shades and sewed three square bags of various sizes.


You should leave a small hole at each bag which it will be possible to turn out to the right side and fill.  As filler, we used ready-made mixes for sachets with different scent.


You can use any dried flowers, herbs and fruits as filler or put a piece of foam, soaked in scented oil.


How to make scented sachet bags

Idea: These homemade scented sachets are a great gift girlfriend, for example.

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How to make a sachet
bed & bath, home crafts
January 22, 2013

How to make a sachet

Make a sachet to hold fragrant lavender flowers to scent your linens, drawers and pillows. The lavender flavor is ideal for the bedroom. It will create an atmosphere for rest, relaxation and healthy sleep. You will need: – Cloth sachets