How to Paint Shabby Chic Tray

How to Paint Shabby Chic Tray
How to Paint Shabby Chic Tray

Today the covers of many fashion magazines are full of Shabby chic decor; it becomes more and more popular. And no wonder, since it is one of the most democratic styles, allowing to independently producing stylish comfortable furniture, and accessories. This is especially significant at a time of crisis. Importantly, do not be afraid to try and experiment.

It is important to observe the rule that if you are going to a furnished room in the style of Shabby chic, it is best if home decor will be designed in this style.

How to decorate things in this romantic style, read our article.

We begin with the conventional tray.


We need:


Wooden tray or box

Napkin or print any image (can be printed)

Acrylic paint for wood: brown and white colors


Decoupage glue

Wax candle

Fine-grained sandpaper

Soft cloth


Remove the old paint pre-grit sandpaper and paint the tray with brown paint.


How to Paint Shabby Chic Tray

Rub the edge of a wax candle, and then cover the entire tray of white paint and give dry.

Once your white shabby chic tray color has dried you are ready to start roughing it up. Start by using the sand paper to rough up edges and other areas that would typically be used over time.

Wipe the surface down with a clean dry cloth.

Apply the glue on the bottom of the tray and put print.


How to Paint Shabby Chic Tray

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