Fabric cover for chair

How to Make a Chair Cover
How to Sew Chair Covers

Slipcovers are a simple way to add personality to your kitchen or dining room chairs.

By adding different textures and patterns, the chairs will add a glamorous, put-together look for your guests.

The pattern is simple to create and once made it can be used to create several styles of slipcovers with varying colors and fabric patterns.

Measure the back of chair from the top to the desired length of chair cover with a tape measure. Measure the width of the back of the chair. Measure the inside back of the chair to the seat. Add a quarter-inch to all sides for the hem.

Cut the fabric of choice with scissors according to the measurements. There should be two strips of fabric. Lay the longer strip on the floor with the pattern facing up. Lay the shorter strip, pattern facing down, on top of the longer strip.

Pin the top, right and left sides every 1 inch. Leave a quarter-inch between the end of the fabric and the pins. This will be the hem.

Sew the three sides with a sewing machine, removing pins as you go. Hem the back flap a quarter-inch. The back flap should be the single layer of fabric that will cover the back legs of the chair. Iron the finished product along the sides for crisp edges. Put the chair covers on the chair with patterns facing out.

Tie a sash in a bow around the bottom of the seat for a polished look.

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