How to upgrade an old T-shirt

How to transform a boring old t-shirt into something

How to transform a boring old t-shirt into something that could make you the star.
It’s a common dilemma: A woman stands at her closet looking at hundreds of pieces of clothing and feeling as if she has nothing to wear. Women tend to lose their excitement over their wardrobe after a time, especially when they can’t afford many new clothes. Even if you feel your wardrobe is boring and old, you don’t have to look like it. If you can’t afford to replace your entire wardrobe, you can make the one you have more fashionable by updating your accessories.
There are two t-shirts. We can make an original тор from them. Cut one of the shirts on the band. Fold each in six layers.


Cut out circles of different diameters.

Fold each circle in four layers.

Pin details  so as to obtain a flower.

Flowers are arranged around the neck, and sew.

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