How to Decorate a Plastic Flower Pot

Decorated flower pots
Ideas for Decorating Flower Pots

There are a great many interesting and beautiful flower pots that can be purchased at your local garden center or nursery. However, you can decorate  flower pots that are more individualized, at a much lower price.

Decorating flowers pots is an easy craft project that can add some character and style to your normal flowers pots.  In fact, you can take an old flower pot, or even just a cheap throw away plastic one and decorate  it to your liking.

Decorating pots is a relatively inexpensive hobby that appeals to adults and children.
Hand-decorated flower pots also make thoughtful holiday and birthday gifts, especially when they come with the recipient’s favorite flower or plant.
We have already written about decorating flower pots.  Here’s another idea.
Make a boring plastic flower pot deck-worthy by decorating it.

Follow these steps to decorate flower pots.
Visit your local craft store to purchase the materials necessary to decorate pots.

Decorate the pot with decorative fabric.


Make a boring plastic flower pot deck-worthy by decorating it. Save money by enhancing the pot with items that you already own.

Embellish the pot with felt flowers.
Use a low-temp glue gun to attach the colorful items around the rim of the pot.


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