Ideas for Decorating Flowerpots

Ideas for Decorating Flowerpots
Ideas for Decorating Flowerpots

With just a few supplies, decorate your flowerpots to be as eye-catching as the beautiful blooms they contain.

Whether you create mosaics, use paints or add bows and embellishments, you will find a beautiful way to refresh them, plus get ideas for making delightful gifts.

Before decorating, be sure to wipe down your flowerpots with a clean, damp towel.


Look One: Paint

Painting flowerpots and planters is a simple way to spruce them up.  You will create refreshed unique pieces that stand out. And you will save money by not having to buy new pots!

Take simple clay pots, which are sold in any shop of flowers.

Wrap pots with masking tape in one or more locations.

Then take the acrylic paint and paint the pots with a brush or a dry sponge.

Once the paint is dry, remove the tape. You turn into superb striped pots that decorate any window in the bedroom or kitchen.


Look Two: Tile

Create patterns from small bits of tile, and then attach them with tile adhesive for a dazzling piece. Follow these simple tips for crafting with tile, and try this timeless look on your flowerpots:


Glue pieces of paper, pictures and other thin materials to indoor flowerpots to add a personalized, unique touch. Applying a glue medium will give the finished product a painted, rather than glued-on effect.


Ideas for Decorating Flowerpots

Accent your pots even further with felt flowers, beads, acorns or handmade pinecones.


Ideas for Decorating Flowerpots

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