Ideas for interior: lush tablecloth

Ideas for interior: lush tablecloth

You can turn a simple tablecloth in a solemn, adorning it with lush ruffles.


To determine the amount of fabric that you will need:

Measure the table perimeter and multiply it by two;

To get the width of each ruffle: the height of the table is divided into three or four and adds to that value by 1-2 inch.


Cut out strips of fabric.

Set your machine to sew on the largest stitch. Sew each ruffle on a sewing machine around the edge, making the two lines at a distance of 1/4 inch apart. This will keep your stitches large enough so that you can easily gather your fabric later. Leave some extra thread at the beginning and end.


Gather your fabric.


Pull on one of the threads (either the top or the bottom thread, not both) and watch the fabric gather. Slide the gathers down the strip to keep them even, and make sure your gathers don’t “un-gather” off the other end of the strip.


Sew the bottom ruffle, and then the next, placing them so that they covered up the seam line of the previous row.

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Appliqué flower patches
home crafts, kitchen crafts
August 22, 2013

Appliqué flower patches

You will need a cloth, scraps of cotton or a cotton cloth, nonwoven adhesive, scissors and an iron. Draw a pattern on paper and then transfer it to the fabric and cut bright petals, stems, leaves and grass. Affix them