designer beads

jewelry making
jewelry making

We want to tell a simple, cheap and, most importantly, fast way to create satin beads by hand.
Online shops offer a wide range of satin ribbons of different colors. For our necklaces, we chose a brown dot satin ribbon.


• brown dot satin ribbon,

• wood or any other beads,

• brown beads Pearl (they need one bead larger than the wood beads)

• Daisy Spacer Metal Beads (2 for each bead, so they need a 2-fold greater than the beads)

• dark brown waxed cord.

Cut off from the satin ribbon N equal pieces, where N = diameter beads + Seam.

Sew the edge pieces, using a sewing machine or by hand with a needle and thread. Sew edge so as to obtain a hollow cylinder into which you can insert a bead.  To  the  edges do not crumble,   hold the edges of the fabric over the fire lighters.


jewelry making

Take a needle and thread, sew and contractible seam  one of the cylinder bases.  Put a bead into the cylinder.
Similarly,  contractible the second seam  of the  cylinder bases. Result is  neat satin beads.


jewelry making

Collect the beads on a string.


jewelry making

jewelry making

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