Kids bench

kids bench
Kids bench

This wooden kids bench is inconspicuous. This bench is designed for a little girl. We will show how to decorate kids bench, to give it a bright look.


kids bench

Materials and tools:

– Red acrylic paint

– Pink acrylic paint

– Brushes

– Craquelure varnish

– Sponge

– Ribbon


Make cracks using a craquelure varnish. To do this, apply the first part of the craquelure varnish. Brush on a thin layer in the direction of the wood grain. Leave the top coat to dry for an hour.

Apply the crackle varnish. Do not apply the crackle varnish just in the direction of the grain. The craquelure will form in the direction of the brush strokes.

If the craquelure does not appear within 45 minutes, go over the varnish with a hair drier held 10 inches away from its surface to speed up the drying process.

Rub the sponge with red paint in the cracks, and remove surplus with a damp cloth.


kids bench

Then draw the ornament at seat benches and paint it the red acrylic paint.


kids bench

Paint the bench with pink acrylic paint.  Attach the ribbon bow at bench.  Apply a coat of acrylic lacquer.


kids bench

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