Lighting for a romantic evening

Lighting for a romantic evening
Lighting for a romantic evening

This original glass candle holder can be a highlight of any celebration. You can choose the color and paper to the overall style of celebration.

Use this idea for a romantic dinner! Thus, you will be able to surprise your “soul mate.”


To create glass candle holder will need:

– Pattern-blank (prints on A4 paper and cut out)

– Colored paper or gift bags,

– Glass on a long stalk,

– Pencil, scissors, glue, Satin Ribbon,

– Candle.


Print out the template. Attach it to the colored paper, draw with a pencil and cut out.

Cut a hole where is depicted by a line, insert the protruding elements on the other side of the lampshade and secure with the glue. In a glass put a special LED light or a candle and attach the lampshade.

Lighting for a romantic evening

Lighting for a romantic evening

Lighting for a romantic evening

Lighting for a romantic evening

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