linen napkins

linen napkins
linen napkins with pattern

We offer you to decorate the  kitchen interior of  bright accent –  art napkins, we decided to call it “Autumn mood”!

So, we wish you a great autumn mood!

We will need:

linen napkin  without pattern

bronze and white acrylic paints

small piece of linoleum

wooden block

flat brushes

paper knife



pencil and scissors.

With the help of an iron apply vertical and horizontal lines on a napkin as shown. As a result, you should have 16 squares. On paper, draw the circle around the wood piece on paper and  draw simple shapes in the centre of the circle.


linen napkins

Carefully cut out the figures, apply them as patterns on the linoleum and cut. glue the resulting shape to the wood block.


linen napkins

Paint stamp with  white acrylic paint and neatly print pattern on the fabric in the center of one of the squares.


linen napkins

Now paint the stamp with bronze paint and draw a picture with a slight offset.  Cut a strip of linoleum, equal to the length of the cloth, a width of about 1/4 inches.


linen napkins

Paint a strip with white and bronze paint and  draw the strips along the lines on the napkin.  Now, using a dry brush, covered by a small number of bronze paint, tinting squares in a checkerboard pattern as shown in the figure.  That’s our napkin ready! Wait until the paint dries.


linen napkins

linen napkins

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