Nautical Decor: Knot "monkey fist"

monkey fist
monkey fist

Today we will try to make a decorative knot with the unusual name “monkey fist”. It got its name due to its shape, reminiscent of a small fist.
The history of the creation of this knot goes back in the days of pirates, when the sinking ship in distress or need of salvation was to throw a rope. “Monkey Fist” served as a weighting, which was placed a small nucleus and threw on the other side.

Look a knot as a home decoration, which perfectly fit into the Nautical decor, as well as an original door stop, which can be hung on the door knob or put near the door.


The necessary materials:

Sharp scissors
Old tennis ball
A bit of filler (rice, sand, gravel)

So how to describe the process of creating a rather difficult, for clarity, is to examine the video instructions:

If you want to make the door stops,then the knot must be heavier. To do this, take a tennis ball, make an incision in it and fill the selected filler. Slightly stretch the knot and put the ball inside.


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