DIY crafts: decorative night lights

night light and glass beads

A simple night light is really functional, but usually not interesting. Bring it by adding colored beads, sequins and  glass. If you do not find them, you can make a mosaic of fragments of a mirror.

You will need:
Sandpaper large grain
White or colored cement (high quality)
Fabric dye
Beads of different sizes, shapes and colors
Sequins or broken mirrors, thick thread and a needle
Glue for glass and ceramics
Handle the lamp base with sandpaper. This must be done to better grip the surface with cement mortar. Then pour the cement into a bowl, mix the fabric dye and water. Stir until then, until you get the desired color and not white lumps disappear.


Apply the solution in small portions on the surface of the lamp base. Attach the pieces of glass or sequins, so that was a small gap between them. Leave to dry.


Stringing beads in the sequence that you will find most interesting. When will a string of beads is about 1.5 inches in length, sew  it to the edge of the lampshade.


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