DIY: how to make a paper rose

home crafts, room accessories
July 19, 2012

This is incredibly simple master-class how to make paper flowers. This paper roses can be done in just a few minutes. materials: colored paper pencil scissors Step 1. Take a colored paper about the size of 4×4 inches and draw

mason jar

home crafts, kitchen crafts
July 18, 2012

Mason jars are useful in organizing anything. Storing spices in them is also a great idea. They are capable to hold large quantities of spices and aren’t expensive.  The old jar could turn into a convenient storage container for spices.

How to sew a denim handbags

accessories, wearables
July 17, 2012

Pattern of the handbag, photo.   Patchwork is on the forefront of the bag. All the details are duplicated lining.   Sew the squares using a zigzag stitch.  Flower and elephant cut out of the lining fabric.   Make a

baby summer hats for girls

for baby, for kids
July 16, 2012

It’s cute and very useful accessory. Any lady of any age  must have a charming, lightweight hats. By being a fantasy, using different fabrics, you can, based on a pattern to make some choices that are suitable for different outfits.

fabric pencil case

back to school, Seasonal
July 15, 2012

A fabric pencil case takes up little space bag in the folded form !   Sewing of a pencil case is quite simple and fast – this will take you no more than 1:00, the main thing – it would

art t shirts

tops, wearables
July 14, 2012

Surely every girl has one or two shirts, which are not used only because they are too simple. And you want something original and unusual! Why not turn an ordinary T-shirt – a bright and fashionable? So, we need: T-shirt