polymer clay tutorial

accessories, wearables
August 5, 2012

The more I hear about polymer clay, the more surprised at its diversity and beauty. Flowers, pendants, toys, jewelry!  It is better to watch.     I found some pictures that will help to understand the principle of creating  products

DIY: wall clock

home crafts, kitchen crafts
August 4, 2012

We have already told how to make a new wall clock. Offer you more design ideas. The new clock is made of wallpaper remnants. Remove the glass from the old clock and arrows. Then put the clock on the wallpaper

wall clock

home crafts, kitchen crafts
August 3, 2012

Do you want to buy new wall clock ? Do not rush! You can make out of old clock  new! Moreover, these wall clock will be original and unique, and fully meet your taste. In this article we try to

Alphabet and number

back to school, Seasonal
August 2, 2012

In recent years, many were carried away by drawings on the stones. Small stones with pictures used to home decor as women’s jewelry in the form of necklaces and bracelets, as well as for the games with the children.  

DIY pencil holder

back to school, Seasonal
August 1, 2012

This pencil holder is made of a logs. This accessory is not only beautify your interior but also accustoms the children to collect pencils, not throwing them around the room. Need a bit of logs 7-8 inches in diameter, a

monkey fist

home crafts, room accessories
July 31, 2012

Today we will try to make a decorative knot with the unusual name “monkey fist”. It got its name due to its shape, reminiscent of a small fist. The history of the creation of this knot goes back in the