Ideas To Organize Wicker Basket Storage

Wicker baskets attract the attention of fans of eco. Wicker baskets is the most easy way to add some of this style into your decor. We told you earlier how to decorate the old wicker basket. If you do not

how to decorate baskets

home crafts, kitchen crafts
June 6, 2012

Wicker basket – an integral part of interior cozy kitchen. You can make a wonderful storage baskets for fruit and vegetables. The first basket.   Degrease the basket with alcohol. Paint the basket of white acrylic paint. This paint is

how to sew a simple bib

for baby, for kids
June 4, 2012

We told you earlier, it is easy to sew trendy bibs for the baby. Here’s another tutorial. materials: Beautiful fabric for the front side The soft terry cloth. chalk scissors buttons Needle and thread   Draw a baby bib pattern.

ceramic flower pots

We’ll show you how you can make not only practical, but beautiful things. You will need an old ceramic pot. Decorate a pot finishing stone.   Plot the tile adhesive on each stone.   You must wrap the pot with

how to make a sock bunny

for kids, kids toys
June 3, 2012

Sock bunny is very cute. This craft idea has been around for many years, and these sock bunny were originally created with work socks. Nowadays, any color, pattern or size of sock can be used to create a sock bunny.

easy chocolate cake recipe

easy cooking recipes
June 2, 2012

Cake Chocolate sinorita 500 g   dark chocolate; 150 g  white chocolate; 2 1/2 cups (700 ml) cream; 2 eggs; 300 g  sweet crackers; 200 g  butter, , softened to room temperature Crush crackers in a food processor. Add the