Decorating for Easter gift, stand – a hare for the eggs.

easter, Seasonal
May 9, 2012

Easter days are coming, so we are publishing an article that will help you prepare for this day: to do with their hands and decorate Easter gifts (painted or decorated) eggs. In this article, you will see a simple and

christmas tree hands craft

christmas, Seasonal
May 8, 2012

I suggest you create a wonderful Christmas tree from the cotton discs! We need: cotton disc  80-100 pieces carton 1. Take the carton and make a cone . 2.  We share a cotton discs in two parts 3.  Glue discs

autumn alphabet – getting ready for school

back to school, Seasonal
May 8, 2012

We need: – Dried leaves -paper -glue stick -paint How to make: 1. Leaves should be dry – this can be done in the phone book or any other heavy book   2. Puts the leaves and cut them from

Quick recipes – muesli with orange

easy cooking recipes
May 7, 2012

Сooking time 5-7 minutes 50 grams of cereal or muesli; 1 cup milk; 1 orange. Pour the corn flakes or muesli with milk, add the zest and peeled orange segments. Thanks flakes (or muesli), rich in carbohydrates and minerals, you

Quick recipes – toast with cheese

easy cooking recipes
May 7, 2012

Of  course in the morning really want to sleep an extra half hour. But how much time and effort needed to start the morning with a hearty breakfast? It turns out no more than 20 min! Preparation time 15 minutes

Anthropologie Fori Bracelet Knockoff

accessories, wearables
April 24, 2012

I have a weakness for jewelry. Lovely bracelet. Such a wonderful combination of color and style. A gorgeous addition to your jewelry wardrobe.