Original wall hanger

Original wall hanger

A stunning hanger for coats, bags etc in the shape of a tree. You made ​​repairs in the hallway and you have  wall free from furniture. It is easy to make the original hanger – tree. Draw contour of the

Cakes made ​​of sweets

Cakes made of sweets
easy cooking recipes
June 11, 2013

If you want to make a delicious and original gift for your loved ones or friends, you can use our advice. We will show how to make a cake of chocolate and sweets. Cut a cardboard strip the same width

Cute decorating ideas for room

Cute decorating ideas

Small decorative bouquet decorates your desk, bedside table, coffee table or even a shelf in the bathroom. To support the color schemes, you can choose the fabric for flowers, repeating the curtains, bedspreads, upholstery and cushions. Each flower consists of

3d butterfly wall art

3d butterfly wall art
home crafts, wall art
June 4, 2013

To make such a spectacular mural, you will need: colored paper, bright cotton or silk fabric, glue gun and frame.   Glue the different pieces of tissue on paper and give to dry. Then, using the ready-made template in the

Needlework boxes

Needlework boxes

If your old jeans badly frayed, and the bottom fabric is pretty good, then this part of the pants, you can make beautiful small item storage boxes using this part of the pants. Cut off his pants at a distance

Recycling bottle caps: DIY project

Recycling water bottle caps
home crafts, kitchen crafts
May 29, 2013

Give a second life plastic bottle caps. This beautiful trivet for cups will decorate your kitchen and give a wide range of table setting choices.   You will need   Bottle caps Pink and coral fabric Ruler Needle Tin cover