DIY Fabric Frame Cover

picture frames

Frames – the perfect solution for the interior.
We love to decorate yourself, your life with stylish things. We want the space around was a harmonious and beautiful. Pick up a bright fabric and ribbons appropriate colors.
Step by step photos will help you do this diy project.

The production is very simple. The wood frames are the basis for the project.


Cut a rectangle of fabric of suitable size, ie If  frame size  is 7/5.5 inch , these dimensions must be added the thickness of the frame (I have 1/2 inch), the magnitude of twisting fabric on the reverse side (I have 1 inch). It turns out that each side must be added to 1.5 inch, we obtain a rectangle 10/8.5 inch.


Apply glue to the frame on the front side.


Glue the fabric to the frame.


Fabric glued to the ends of the framework and curled toward the opposite direction.


Cut off the excess fabric in the center of the frames.


Now we need to glue small strips of fabric in the corner , picking the right color.


Insert the glass, or, as in my case, plastic.


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