How to Make a Pin Cushion Jar

pin cushion

The soft green felt, a thin white lace, delicate flowers, beads … It is very harmonious!
Not only is it adorable, but it’s practical as well. You can use it to store extra pins, buttons, or other small notions as well as the ever-necessary pincushion on top.

Step by step photos to help you in the process of manufacture pin cushion jar.


Cut out a circle  of felt with a diameter of 3-4 cm more than cover our cans  (1).



Fasten the thread. Apply the silicone adhesive to the cover (7), strongly pressed, especially at the edges.


Cut a circle (1),  make cuts with sharp scissors, before reaching the center of 0.5 cm (2). Divide the circle into eight sectors  – it is  petals (3).


The final stage.

Attach the flowers (1). Measure the circumference of the lid, cut the desired length of lace. Sew or glue the lace to the lid (2). Add beads (3, 4).


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