Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is something that has been used by generations of artists, craftspeople, those in the medical profession and builders. Relatively soft and easy to work with, plaster of Paris can be moulded to a desired shape and can also provide smooth finishes to what might be rough surfaces.



Plaster of Paris powder is widely available to buy at hobby and craft stores, and is relatively cheap. To make the plaster of Paris at home simply requires following the instructions on the packaging; instructions which normally simply require adding the powder to the water until a consistency of custard is achieved. This consistency normally allows for the plaster of Paris to be easily worked with.

This paste should then be used immediately as when the paste cools it hardens and becomes increasingly difficult to work with.

Making your own plaster of Paris substitute at home allows you to use normal household ingredients that are non-toxic. This makes it a kid-friendly material to use for family crafts and art projects. Homemade plaster of Paris also provides you with a cost-friendly art material, and because it uses common kitchen ingredients, your homemade plaster can be made anytime it’s needed.

Things You’ll Need

5 cups flour


6 cups hot water


Mixing bowl



1. Add five cups of flour to the mixing bowl


2. Pour in six cups of hot tap water.


3. Mix the contents of the bowl thoroughly until a slimy, thick dough-like paste forms.This paste should then be used immediately as when the paste cools it hardens and becomes increasingly difficult to work with.


4. Pour the gooey mixture into the mold you have chosen.


5. Sit the mold aside, covered with cheesecloth for about four days. It will quickly dry and harden into a block of plaster in the shape of the mold. From there it can be chiseled or decorated depending on your craft or art project.


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