polymer clay jewelry

polymer clay jewelry
polymer clay jewelry – bead bracelets

We have already told how to make polymer clay jewelry.
Here is another design polymer clay project project

For this work we need:

The working surface  should be smooth. I use white sheet of paper. I tried many different surfaces but sheet of paper is the best as for me.
Polymer Clay. Recently I tried to sculpt from polymer clay Premo. First impressions was very pleased.
Stationery knife or blade.
Rolling pins. There are many variants of this instrument they are sorts of culinary rolling pins, bottles, cans of paint, handles, pipes so all things that have elongated cylindrical shape.
The metal fitting. Now there are many open stores for needlework  in many cities.  In these stores you can buy anything that you desires.
We should to draw a sketch for our product.

Select the color of polymer clay. So you can used existing colors or mix colors.


Perform work by following the instructions in the photo.


Gradually, we have formed a complete design of the houses.


Bake the beads in a conventional oven at 265 degrees F (130 degrees C) about 15-30 minutes. Read the instructions on the package, since the optimum temperature baking may be different for different manufacturers of polymer clay!


Grinding. After baking surface is not always smooth and even. Sometimes it needs to be polished.
You should cover prepared beads with varnish. You can use special paints for polymer clay.


Assemble the product! For assembly you can use a various of accessories, beads, some additional materials. At the end you will receive a unique and exclusive handmade jewelry!


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