How to Make a Polymer Clay Pendant

How to Make a Polymer Clay Pendant
Polymer Clay: Necklaces, pendants

Polymer clay is very easy to work with and it makes great finished jewelry pieces.   We’ll show you how to make the polymer clay pendant. This pendant is very simple. Make one in less than an hour, or make many to give as gifts.

We will show how easily convert any image on the polymer clay without the use of the gel, alcohol or water.


Image has to be printed on a laser printer, black and white or color.   Take the necessary amount of Polymer Clay, preferably white (Fimo № 0). We recommend Fimo Soft.

Start out by flattening your clay. Soften a marble-sized piece of clay by rolling it in your hands or running through a pasta maker. Flatten to about 1/8 inch thick with your hand or a roller.

Cut out an outline of a picture.

Impose a picture on the polymer clay and roll it.  Cut off cleanly.

Poke a hole near the top. Widen it until it’s large enough to run a cord through.

Leave for an hour.


How to Make a Polymer Clay Pendant

When it becomes evident that the paper is impregnated with a plasticizer – you can bake. Bake directly with paper.

Bake 15-20 minutes at 130 C (270 F) Put your Polymer Clay on a flat surface like a old cookie sheet and bake your pieces according to the instructions that came with the clay. Use an old cookie sheet that will not be used for food any longer.

Give the finished pendant to cool completely.


How to Make a Polymer Clay Pendant

Under a stream of cold water carefully! Roll off the paper without damaging thin layer to the image. Depending on the paper – it happens sometimes that the paper can just take off (without water), simply pull the edge and carefully remove.

Polish the sides and cover all the varnish. Front surface of the image does not polish!

Run the cord through the hole, attach fasteners, and wear your new pendant.  As a result, we get a wonderful pendant.


How to Make a Polymer Clay Pendant

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