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Pot holders
pot holders

I will write in the beginning, to those who are not “friends” with a sewing machine  – a sewing machine do not need! If  you know, how make the basic  stitches, then that is enough to make a gift to those whom you love. If you like to sew, then surely you’d be interested to get acquainted with the old way of sewing, which we discuss below.

“Grandmother’s flower garden” or “French Bouquet” – is the name of an ancient  pattern, who gained particular popularity in the 20s of last century. Traditionally, the patches, as pieces of the puzzle are added to the “flowers” – mid of the same color, the first series of six “petals” of a different color, a second series of twelve “petals” of the third color.
Stitched together “flowers” can be transformed into quilts, pillowcase, in which the number of parts is hundreds. And one “flower” can decorate the Pot holders.

As I said above, we will not to use a sewing machine, but we will apply the so-called “English” method of hand sewing patches. First, it is simply fun, and secondly, ensures the perfect combination of parts.

For the manufacture of pot holders you will need:
– Small patches of colored fabric
– Padding polyester or thermal pad
– Threads, needles, scissors, pins
– Paper, pencil, ruler

1) Prepare templates. Draw on paper and cut out 19 hexagons of  size 4.7x 2.7 cm. Also cut out a hexagon is greater than about 1 cm on each side :


2) Using a large hexagon pattern, cut out  19 fabric hexagons:


3) Put a little pattern on fabric hexagons.


4) Wrap the fabric on the pattern and sew big stitches. Do the same with the other details:


5) Fold the two pieces  together and sew side conventional stitches:


6) On the front side stitched details will look like this:


7) Continue to consistently sew  the “flower” parts  to one another:


8) This is what should you get a result:


9) Remove all paper templates. Cut two squares of fabric for the back and front of the  Pot Holder and the same square of the gasket.

10) Build  Pot Holder. Consistently add the layers: the backdrop, gasket, the front of the fabric, “flower”.


11) Pin the layers together, then sew close to the edge all the way around to hold the layers in place for quilting.


If you know and like to sew on a sewing machine, you can stitch on a machine, of course, it will speed up the process.

12) Cut a fabric long strip of a width of about 5 cm long by 10-15cm longer perimeter Pot Holder.


13) Sew a fabric strip. When he reached the corner, carefully wrap the strip and continue.


14)  When you have finished edging, form a loop.


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