Pumpkin home decor

Pumpkin home decor
Pumpkin home decor

We continue to encourage you to be creative for the holiday Halloween.

Halloween is a very merry holiday. We see here a huge field for creativity. Rich autumn colors, the fabulous and mysterious stories and a large proportion of theatricality – all wakes imagination.

As a  inspiration, we decided to do for you pumpkin home decor. In this work, we are attracted by a great combination of ease of execution and spectacular decoration. For best results, we recommend using a soft, easily draped fabric. It is not necessary that the color was definitely orange pumpkins! Paint it in fun patterns, polka dots, or cell – so she will be even more festive!

You will need scissors, needle and thread, soft fabric, a filler and a small piece of thick fabric for leaf and stalk.

Cut a rectangle of soft fabric and sew it on the side. Pull the base thread, tighten. Fill the bag with filler and then pull the thread.

pumpkin home decor

Sew a pumpkin. Cut up a leaf shapes from green fabric. Sew it in the middle of the pumpkin, attach the stalk.

pumpkin home decor

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