Quilting: 3 options

Quilting: 3 options
Quilting: 3 options

You can use any kind of fabric for decorating household items or accessories.

Quilting: 3 options

Quilting: 3 options

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Christmas placemat idea
christmas, Seasonal
December 26, 2015

Christmas placemat idea

This Christmas linen placemat idea is very original. You could easily achieve with a few rubber stamps or stencils and some touches of red paint. Use this technique to decorate greeting cards, tablecloths, packaging boxes.

Easy Patchwork
home crafts, kitchen crafts
August 7, 2015

Easy Patchwork: ideas and tips for beginners

Patchwork is a textile art of assembling multiple pieces of fabric and composition of different types of structures whose shapes, colors and materials are varied. It is estimated that the patchwork art originated from Central Asia, 1000 years before Christ.

recycled jenim accessories
accessories, wearables
August 5, 2015

Decorative objects, clothing and recycled denim accessories

Do you have jeans that you want to recycle? Do you miss without ideas? If you answered YES these two questions, we offer ideas of decor, clothing and accessories that will help inspire you!   Is not this a very

DIY ideas for summer season
home crafts, room accessories
August 3, 2015

Window Decoration: DIY ideas for summer season

Do you enjoy the comfort as soon as you get home? We offer DIY ideas fascinating ideas for window decoration. Unleash your imagination and realize your own window decoration! To succeed your window decoration, at first, choose the colors you