Recycle tin cans craft

Recycle tin cans craft
Recycle tin cans craft

The tin cans recycling is ideal for preserving the environment. It’s amazing how many useful and beautiful things you can make from tin cans – almost out of the garbage.
We showed how to make flower pots  of tin cans and other crafts with tin cans. They are not only very useful  the room accessories but also fit perfectly into the modern interior. We propose to continue the present topic and make tin can containers for toilet paper, decorated with beautiful fabric in the decoupage technique.

You will need:

three cans
decoupage paper napkins
acrilic paint


Recycle tin cans craft

Remove any labels from your tin can, and wash in soapy water and dry thoroughly.
Paint the tin cans and give them to dry.


Recycle tin cans craft

Now proceed to decoupage.

Cut out different  shapes from your decoupage  paper napkins. Follow the outlines closely, leaving no visible border.

Apply a coat of craft adhesive to your tin can. Dampen a cutout in the saucer of water, being careful not to tear it, and place it onto the surface of your tin can.

Paint over the dried cutouts with a final coat of clear craft adhesive to varnish and leave to dry.

Glue the tape at tin can edge.


Recycle tin cans craft

Recycle tin cans craft

Recycle tin cans craft

Now it is necessary to collect the containers together. Fold the ribbon of not less than 70 inches in half and make a small loop for hanging. Secure with glue.

Stick the tape to  the containers, so that they were one after the other as the trailers.

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