DIY: wall shoe rack

shoe rack

Today we will try to make a wall shoe rack. This  shoe rack saves a lot of space, especially important for those who  do not have space for a shoe stand. Also, it is very easy, you do not need to unnecessarily waste time searching for the right pair of shoes. Moreover, it is quite easy to do, though men’s help is very welcome.

We need:
• the planks (in this example the thickness of 5 mm planks, 6 inches in width for the bottom shelf and 3 inches for the top)
• Small metal corners (the length of the enclosure should be no more than 1-1.5 inches)
• Drill and screws
• Paint, stain or enamel

Step 1. Paint the planks in the paint color you like. You can use any paint or enamel for wood.


Step 2. Fasten metal corners with screws to the underside of the plank.


Step 3. Fasten planks with corners to the wall. The optimal distance between the vertical plankы should be 1.5-2 inches.



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