ruffle shower curtain

ruffle shower curtain
Shower curtain with frills

Bright curtains with frills like dancer dress. Such an “outfit” can decorate even the most modest bathroom. A frilled shower curtain adds a pretty touch to this predominantly white scheme.  You can use organza or other lightweight waterproof fabric instead oilcloth.


You need:


Easy bath curtains

Bright colorful oilcloth




Paper cutter



Sewing machine


Draw horizontal lines at bath curtains, leaving equal distance between them.


ruffle shower curtain

Cut out of oilcloth pieces of this size, as the markup on the bath curtain, adding length to 2 inches.


ruffle shower curtain

Attach the oilcloth frills at line marking on the front of the bath curtain with a pins.


ruffle shower curtain

Sew the ruffles with a sewing machine, starting from the lower lines.


ruffle shower curtain

ruffle shower curtain

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