Paper Snowman

snowman preschool crafts
Snowman preschool crafts

Children wait for the Christmas holidays. Decorating a home and a Christmas tree, giving gifts – they come with great joy for these pleasant chores. You can offer them another exciting activity – to make Christmas ornaments.

For the crafts will need:

white thick cardboard
orange cardboard
colored buttons
fabric stripe for scarf
white thread
black marker

Cut a three circles of different diameters from a thick white cardboard. Repeat this once more: You need three circles  to glue them together.

Put the three white cardboard circles, put on the center of each drop of glue to apply a drop of glue thread, the thread end turn in, to get the loop. Apply for each body part snowman appropriate size range.

Apply a glue drop on the circle center. Put the thread on a glue drop  and glue the second  circle of the appropriate size.

Cut a nose-carrot from a orange cardboard, glue it in the center of the smallest circle.

Draw a mouth and a eyes with a black marker.

Take the buttons and glue them to the snowman.

You a fabric strip around the snowman neck  – a scarf is ready!

You can make a few snowmans and connect them together in a garland.

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