developmental toys for baby

developmental toys for baby
Soft developmental toys

Soft toys of bright and colorful colors cannot fail to raise a kids smile. Well, if you sew them with your hands, then it can become a favorite toy for many years. Toys can also be making to develop. In our case, this toy has bright saturated colors (created for the study colors.)


We will need:


Any bright color felt

White, gray and black (for the eyes) felt,





developmental toys for baby

Cut a felt circle of bright turquoise color 8-inch (2-pack).

Sew eyes to the front. To do this, use white, gray and black felt.

Embroider cilia and smiling mouth. And use felt bright circles for decor. Too, all sewn to the front.


developmental toys for baby

And to back of the toys also was bright, decorate it with colored circles.

Use multi-colored strips of felt for “hair.” Sew the front and back of the toy with conventional suture. Leave a 2-inch hole, tamp the toy with filler. Sew the hole.


developmental toys for baby

developmental toys for baby

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