Stylish rope rug

Stylish rope rug
Stylish rope rug

We liked the rope rug idea! It looks very unique and stylish. It’s very easy to make and does not require any braiding technique. You can buy a rope in any hardware store. Rope rug fit perfectly to any interior design room.

You will need a rope, stationery knife, silicone adhesive and dense fabric or old rug.

Stylish rope rug

Cut a fabric circle and hem the edges. Fold the rope in the ring, holding the central part. Fold the rope rug to the desired diameter and secure with the silicone adhesive.

Stylish rope rug

Stylish rope rug

Attach the prepared substrate to the rope rug. The fabric circle will fix a twist rope.

Stylish rope rug

Stylish rope rug

Stylish rope rug


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