Table + chairs = showy furniture set!

Table + chairs = showy furniture set!
Table + chairs = showy furniture set!

This is an inexpensive way to turn ordinary chairs and table in a showy set of furniture. You can do it all yourself!

Have you a desire to creative? Do not limit yourself! We advise you to develop a flower theme in the home decor. Floral motifs, as well as vintage items are at the peak of popularity. They give the originality and look great in a modern decor.

White lacquered table with shiny chrome legs and a light white and red chairs look austere.  Floral decorations can revive this interior.


How to do it?

Take pattern self adhesive decor sticker and cut out floral elements with a small supply.

Remove the backing paper from the sticky side of the sticker and discard.

Degrease surface countertops and chairs.

Attach the sticker to the surface and smooth out with your hands. Use a lint-free cloth and press out air bubbles. Let the sticker set up for about an hour, then smooth down again with the lint-free cloth.


Table + chairs = showy furniture set!

The Japanese stingy interior became decorative and brighter.

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