Leather sewing: DIY ideas

Leather sewing
accessories, wearables
May 17, 2016

Why do we choose leather? Leather is a noble material that continues to amaze us with its softness and ultra glamorous look. It is warm, soft and easy to work. Leather lends itself to all our capricious desires. You can

7 useful and beautiful crafts from the usual T-shirts

useful and beautiful crafts from the usual T-shirts
accessories, wearables
July 14, 2015

You can make these lovely household items from any shirts or T-shirts. Bright rug If you notice that your closet full of T-shirts and shirts that you rarely put on, cut them into long strips and make a rug for

Recycled Sling Bag from Old Jeans

How to Sew a Bag from Old Jeans
accessories, wearables
January 11, 2014

Recycling old jeans is everywhere on the internet and using the top part of it is an old tale. There are endless items like skirts, bags and aprons using the top part but what do we do with the lower

how to make backpack

diy backpack
for kids, kids toys
October 16, 2012

In this backpack can carry or store any items. Materials needed: Sewing Machine cotton fabric Iron on Adhesive Handful of Pins Rope Safety pin Scissors Iron   Bend the fabric and sew along. Leave a small hole at the top.

how to sew a leather handbag

How to sew a Leather bag
accessories, wearables
August 23, 2012

Genuine leather always looks elegant and noble, stylish and truly. Photo master class on sewing of leather  bag  from EvaForeva. It is very fast and easy!

Beautiful denim handbags

accessories, wearables
July 17, 2012

Pattern of the handbag, photo.   Patchwork is on the forefront of the bag. All the details are duplicated lining.   Sew the squares using a zigzag stitch.  Flower and elephant cut out of the lining fabric.   Make a

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