Jewelry Organizer: easy and cheap DIY ideas

Jewelry Organizer

Knots in a chain, missing hooks and a collection of messy jewelry are just a few of the problems that every woman who follows fashion and who dresses hurriedly faces. Fortunately, the solution exists in the form of jewelry door

underwear storage box

Underwear storage ideas
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September 4, 2013

Old shoe boxes suitable for underwear storage. You can cut out the pattern in the lid. Without opening the lid, you can see what’s inside. Attach pattern on the inside of the lid. Cut out the pattern with a knife.

Ideas for interior: storage boxes

Ideas for interior: storage boxes

These decorative boxes are needed to store blankets, books and magazines in the living room or bedroom. You will need: a cardboard box, wallpapers and large ribbon. Cut off the top of the box. Measure the sides and bottom and

home storage ideas

Wicker baskets attract the attention of fans of eco. Wicker baskets is the most easy way to add some of this style into your decor. We told you earlier how to decorate the old wicker basket. If you do not

storage baskets

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June 6, 2012

Wicker basket – an integral part of interior cozy kitchen. You can make a wonderful storage baskets for fruit and vegetables. The first basket.   Degrease the basket with alcohol. Paint the basket of white acrylic paint. This paint is

A basket to store small things

A basket  – perfect to store small things. With spring well underway , it’s the perfect time to focus on getting organized while embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Our plastic bottle  crafts will not only breathe new life into plastics