Original handmade jewelry: cool projects

Original handmade jewelry
jewerly, wearables
November 12, 2017

According to the concept of sustainable development, one has to meet one’s needs without taking away the same opportunity for future generations. The use of natural resources, intelligent waste management and recycling are just some of its key instruments. It

DIY hobbies: easy ideas with buttons

easy ideas with buttons
jewerly, wearables
February 18, 2016

Easy DIY with buttons guarantees fun for children and adults. You can use buttons of any size and color to beautifully decorate your home. A good idea to combine what is fun and useful. You can make button gift for

Christmas greeting card ideas

Christmas greeting card ideas
christmas, Seasonal
November 27, 2015

Haberdashery buttons are available in a various colors and different sizes. In addition, we think, what you have the mysterious little box full of varied buttons. Give new life to these small objects. You can make super nice and unique

Napkins with embroidery

Napkins with embroidery
home crafts, kitchen crafts
March 9, 2015

Try to decorate the simplest napkins with bright buttons. Red buttons perfect for cherries and apples, purple – for currant and black cherry, yellow – for apricot. Twigs and leaves can be embroidered with threads. Kitchen towels can also be

Button heart picture

Seasonal, valentines day
February 4, 2014

Beautiful Button Heart wall art made of individually placed mixed buttons of various sizes, shapes and finishes. There is a perfect addition to your home or a beautiful gift for someone special. You will need a photo frame, brown cardboard,

Retro Button Necklace

Retro Button Necklace
jewerly, wearables
January 1, 2014

I love how colorful and fun this necklace is. Necklace collected from various vintage buttons. Buttons gathered several decades. Making necklaces did not require any special knowledge, no special tools.

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