Crochet Flower Pot Cover

decor flower Pot
home crafts, room accessories
August 1, 2013

Crochet is an extremely versatile and popular technique for making a variety of fashion and home decor accessories. If you already possess this skill, or just want to learn, try to create such a cozy cover for flower pots, which

Wood hangers

towel hangers for bathroom
bed & bath, home crafts
May 1, 2013

Many people like to do something with their own hands. Are you looking for a unique bathroom décor that is as functional as it is stylish? The following tutorial will show you how to make a decorative towel hangers for

Doors: kids room decorating ideas

kids room decor
for kids, kids rooms
April 18, 2013

Kids room is a world filled with fairy tale. Doors to the kids room must meet fairytale world of the child and create the aesthetics of his world. Comfort and fantastic world of childhood is not possible without doors. Make

How to Decorate a Door With Fabric

How to Decorate a Door With Fabric
home crafts, room accessories
April 8, 2013

You can decorate your door with fabric. This allows you to match a room’s door with the rest of the decorative elements in the room. Additionally, it’s possible to use the fabric to not only decorate the door so that

storage baskets

home crafts, kitchen crafts
June 6, 2012

Wicker basket – an integral part of interior cozy kitchen. You can make a wonderful storage baskets for fruit and vegetables. The first basket.   Degrease the basket with alcohol. Paint the basket of white acrylic paint. This paint is

decorative flower pots

We’ll show you how you can make not only practical, but beautiful things. You will need an old ceramic pot. Decorate a pot finishing stone.   Plot the tile adhesive on each stone.   You must wrap the pot with

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