beautiful necklace - an Anthro Knock Off

Beautiful necklace
jewerly, wearables
April 24, 2012

I’ve been inspired to take up beading. It’s totally worth taking up because it gives a much more immediate gratification than say sewing, baking, upholstery. It look awesome.

Decorate Glass Vases With Different Things

Seasonal, spring
April 20, 2012

Glass decorative items like vases, glasses, eye-catching and unusual bottles, let the house look brighter. Shiny glass ornaments from increasing the number of spring light. And to enhance the effect of glass beads can be placed inside a glass vase.

Spring interior design ideas

Seasonal, spring
April 20, 2012

Green Living Room is great idea for our living room design. Green Living Room reflects keeps the impression of being close to nature. Green is a great lively color so it’s often used for decorating living rooms and bedrooms. Pastel