DIY idea of creating cloths hanger

cloths hanger

Make your home interior more attractive! Experiment with colors and materials to make beautiful objects. We will give you some creative ideas to replace the wardrobe with a beautiful cloths hanger. The hangers are suitable for each room. To make

Handmade hangers instead of wardrobes

Handmade hangers
February 24, 2016

Make your home more attractive! We’ll give you some creative ideas to use the beautiful handmade hangers instead of wardrobes. To make handmade hangers, you can use wood, metal, pipes, an old ladder, etc. It will be the perfect complement

DIY project: woven stool

DIY woven stool
furniture, home crafts
August 18, 2015

Today’s living room should be comfortable. One of the easiest ways to bring comfort is to ensure an ottoman or a similar unit. We will present ​​easy and original DIY idea! The materials needed are: two types of robust rope,

Log Furniture and Decorative Accessories

Log Furniture and Decorative Accessories
furniture, home crafts
October 9, 2014

In autumn you want to surround yourself with soft, warm and cozy things. Try to decorate your home corner with so unusual table made ​​of several round logs. Put together four logs of varying heights and secure them with a

Making Twig Furniture

furniture, home crafts
May 13, 2012

This is a gorgeous small bench made from branches and twigs. It would be a wonderful decor piece. This chair has so much potential!! Twig bench. Twig furniture is made from natural materials. “Twig,” in this sense, may range from