DIY Decor Inspiration: fabric vases

DIY Decor Inspiration: fabric vases
home crafts, room accessories
August 29, 2013

You can use plastic bottles. To do this, take an ordinary plastic bottle and a beautiful colored cloth. Sew the fabric cover and put it on a vase. Secure the cover with a bright ribbon.   This is another way

How to Turn a Wine Bottle into a Vase

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

We want to share ideas how to make a vases out of a glass bottle. You can transform an ordinary bottle as a couple of minutes and do a little bit longer. These crafts are useful not only for gifts,

Decorative wine bottles ideas

decorative glass bottles

Today we have decided to offer you an easy way to decorate a glass bottle in a modern and very beautiful vase. Use bottles in various shapes and sizes to create home decorations.   For the decoration of the bottle,

How to make colored glass

Decorative Colorful Glass Bottles
home crafts, kitchen crafts
July 1, 2013

We are always throwing interesting and unusual bottles, but they may well be home decorating or a great gift. Only at first glance decoration of bottles seems strange and unnecessary exercise. You just show a little imagination and effort. Making

Autumn arrangement

candle decor
home crafts, room accessories
August 21, 2012

We offer a wonderful idea, how can create an interesting autumn arrangement. You will need: candle transparent glass vase branch rope leaves moss / grass / hay a bowl glue Instruction Step 1: Place the candle in a glass vase.

DIY:decorative vases

Seasonal, spring
July 4, 2012

Spring is coming and you want bright colors in the house. I would like to enjoy flowers and greenery. Materials and tools: glass tree twigs acrylic green paint cord decorative elements glue Cut straight twigs of the same length. Paint