Autumn leaves

Fall decorations
home crafts, lamp & lighting
September 15, 2012

Decorate the interior with beautiful autumn leaves. You will need: • wooden wine box • electrical fittings • lampshade • Acrylic paint • dried flowers • willow leaves • Glue Gun   1. Paint  the wine box with dark acrylic

diy lampshade ideas

home crafts, lamp & lighting
July 27, 2012

Do you want to create a romantic mood in your bedroom?  I suggest you a few ideas for inspiration and creativity. This is  the most stylish option. And by the way, the easiest to perform. Take a bouquet of artificial

DIY crafts: decorative night lights

home crafts, lamp & lighting
July 13, 2012

A simple night light is really functional, but usually not interesting. Bring it by adding colored beads, sequins and  glass. If you do not find them, you can make a mosaic of fragments of a mirror. You will need: Reading-lamp

how to make a string lamp

home crafts, lamp & lighting
July 12, 2012

Natural accessories in the interior will always be one step ahead of the latest technology and artificial materials. Just these plain natural detail  produces warmth and comfort of our home. The yarn balls  looks very attractive, does not require special

diy lamp shades

home crafts, lamp & lighting
June 29, 2012

If the old table lamp tired, refresh the other shade cloth and hang to the ceiling. You will need: piece of fabric chalk scissors thread needle decorative ribbons   Remove the old lampshade fabric. You will receive a template for

diy chandelier ideas

home crafts, lamp & lighting
June 22, 2012

So many repetitive chandeliers in shopping centers. Traditional chandeliers are already bored. I want something unusual and simple. If you want the summer interior, this small and cozy chandelier will decorate the dining room. This fun chandelier is the perfect