Best ideas about Drift Wood

Drift Wood

Driftwood is a material that, over the last few years, has earned its pace of honor in interior decoration. It is nowadays one of the most common recyclable materials used in the manufacture of furniture and decorative objects. Increasingly appreciated

Natural material for fall home decor

Natural material for fall home decor
home crafts, room accessories
August 26, 2015

The fall home decorating is not limited only to flowers. To impress your friends and neighbors, you need impressive and decorative elements. Nature offers a rich variety of natural materials to decorate your home. Your home will be a natural

Decor with seashells

Seashell home decor ideas
home crafts, room accessories
October 11, 2013

Seashells are a wonderful natural material to create beautiful home decor. They can be used to decorate almost any subject. Here the most important thing is the naturalness and sense of proportion!   Try adding some bright accents, for example,

Bathroom accessories: Seashell Soap Dish

Seashell Soap Dish
bed & bath, home crafts
August 8, 2013

If you have beautiful sea shells, you can to decorate the bathroom interior. Sea shells can become not only decorative accessories, reminding about the sea and the warm summer. They are also useful in everyday life. Use large seashell as

simple seashell printing project

bed & bath, home crafts
July 24, 2012

Let’s try to make prints in the form of seashells on textile. You can paint with acrylic paints or special fabric paints. Decorating can be: pillowcases, bed sheets, shirts, tea towels, tablecloths, and many other textile surfaces. You will need:

DIY craft Napkin Rings

home crafts, kitchen crafts
May 15, 2012

Many people who enjoy a stroll along the beach also search for beautiful seashells, starfish, beautiful stones. Collecting these colorful “Sea Treasures” has become an extremely popular and addictive hobby! Going to the sea, each brought home a lot of