Jewelry Organizer: easy and cheap DIY ideas

Jewelry Organizer

Knots in a chain, missing hooks and a collection of messy jewelry are just a few of the problems that every woman who follows fashion and who dresses hurriedly faces. Fortunately, the solution exists in the form of jewelry door

DIY crafts: Fancy key holders

DIY crafts: Fancy key holders

Useful things for the house always needed, especially so cute how these key holders. Thus you will be able to give the home an individual character and make a gift. Key holders can be designed for all family members and

DIY Toy Storage Box

DIY Toy Storage Box
for kids, kids rooms
March 7, 2015

We want show you the idea to store toys. The idea is very simple. You can store children’s toys in a cardboard box. But first you have to decorate the box with a fabric. If you really try, then this

Denim organizer for small items

Denim organizer for small items
home crafts, organization & storage
September 7, 2014

Often you need a small organizer on the table for storing small things – pencils, rulers, glue. Such small things are scattered in different places. We propose the idea of ​​creating an organizer for small things from old jeans and

underwear storage box

Underwear storage ideas
home crafts, organization & storage
September 4, 2013

Old shoe boxes suitable for underwear storage. You can cut out the pattern in the lid. Without opening the lid, you can see what’s inside. Attach pattern on the inside of the lid. Cut out the pattern with a knife.

Great Ideas: handmade jewelry box

handmade jewelry box
bed & bath, home crafts
August 4, 2013

Do you like this box for accessories and jewelry? You can do exactly the same. Glue the ceiling medallion at the box cover. Ceiling medallions are available at any supermarket. Paint the Ceiling Medallion Rosette with acrylic paint. Apply a simple

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